Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!


Randomness - Chaos - Blank Mind - Time pass - Whatever!


Sometimes, you gotta read between the lines.


Sameer Kulkarni said...

Wow wow wow... Chaos + Randomness.. One of the best combination to produce gr8 piece of art.. ;)
(Tried & tested)..

curry said...

Haha! U bet Shammi :D
I know the results of chaos + randomness now too ;)

(Hopefully they happen at lesser frequency though) :P

Rach said...

brilliant... mind blowing... more newsworthy than Sania ki Shaadi....

Sania chod... even Rakhi ki shaadi!

Sahi tha... Jai Mata Di... you rock!

(Btw, yeh tha kya? :s)

curry said...

Rach : Most of the times the content of my blog makes no sense :P This is the best example :D Although this time, its about the design.

Toh bolo..ommmmmmm..shanti om!!