Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

~ T h e ~ B E A C H ~

Someday it rained.
Someday it was breezy.
Someday it splashed.
Someday it was dry and easy.

It knew I was coming.
Always gave me a warm welcome.
The endless horizon & dancing waters,
Always helped me overcome

As if it knew my pains.
As if it knew I needed a hug
With it's wide arms stretched to no limit,
It helped me fight the worry-bug.

When I walked on it's sand,
It tickled me, brought back my smile.
We were accompanied by the rhythmic waves.
We sang, whistled, plunged & enjoyed the mile.

Only there, I found solace.
Only there, I found the real me, no one else around.
The sheer fact of taking a stroll there,
Would pep me up the whole day round.

It made sure I had the best time
It made sure my frown was gone.
With those positive vibes and beautiful quotes,
It saw to it that I moved on.

Here I am, much better, wiser & stronger.
Waiting for another walk by the beach.
With so much treasure to share & spread,
I'll wait for it to embrace me again and teach !


Anonymous said...

loved it!! :)

curry said...

Thanks :)