Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

Just Once More...

Once more

I want to fall in love again
I want to sing that song
The quest so sharp that heart needs harp
To make a tune, too long

Where life was bliss and wonderful
So pure, so cool, so nice
It’s presence made your day & night
While nothing else would suffice

Ever known the way to heaven?
Ever seen those stars in sun?
Those tiny moments that gave goose bumps
Weren’t they cute, innocent & fun?

The plans were big
The moon always bright
I hope I get to see every bit of it
And never let it go, out of sight

Dear love, please come again
I hope to see you soon
I promise to be my ever best
So make yourself my eternal boon

1 comment:

Ankur Amre said...

word fails me,
this poetry enthralls me,
love feels like tis a friend,
my broken heart made amend,
your words tug at the heart,
buried regrets were given a depart,
i wish u a great love story,
be content my dear sweet 'curry'