Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

What my folks learnt from me

~by a kid

Can you believe that my house is full of liars and smugglers? 
Who keep doing all those things I am never allowed to do.  
God should punish them and they should be grounded,
And make me the prefect of the house instead.

Yesterday I caught my mumma,  
Telling lies to daddy about some shopping she did.   
The price of her purse was 4000 rupees,
But said she bought it for five hundred and fifty!

Last week I saw my Grandpa in the night,  
Stealing a cookie from the jar!  
His doctor doesn't allow him and neither does Grandma,  
So he became a thief, he actually went that far.

I still remember the day,   
When daddy bunked office for a cricket match.  
He called up his boss, coughed and sneezed on the phone.
And said he was unwell and had to visit the doc!

Last Sunday I saw my brother secretly watching kishy-kishy on TV.  
And Daddy scolded him so much after that.  
But the other day when I saw daddy watching kishy kishy  
He gave me a big cadbury, and told me to be quiet about it!
And then I saw grandpa watching kishy kishy,  
But he fainted before I could shout at him.

When I told my teacher that my dog chewed up my homework,  
She punished and asked me to write "I will not lie", a 100 times.
But when my elder sister said that the dog spilled ink on her project,  
Three other boys who liked her, came to help her and finished off her work!

Sometimes I wonder if I taught them to be like this?
They lie like me, they steal like me.
They even fake to be sick like me.  
I can't believe they are following my actions.  
Copy cats copy cats, my family is just copying me. 

When I do something wrong, my teacher takes me to the principal.  
When my folks do something wrong, should I take them to my principal?
I think I should secretly record all this on daddy's phone,
And then blackmail each one of them.
That way all of us can keep doing what we want,
And never get punished for anything.


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