Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

How I got 'Leh-ed'

I met God there. I walked along with Him.
The nights were cold, starry and dark.
The sunshine was plenty, warm & bright
The clouds with silver lining had an unusual spark.

I danced along with the fiery winds.
I pecked and kissed the gentle breeze.
The sands of time stormed at me with anger.
But I loved every bit of it, I embraced it with ease.

I surrendered to nature completely.
I just let it take away myself from me.
It made love to me, all day and night.
The purest form of lust that I could ever see.

It snowed initially to arouse me a little.
Then came the gushing rains on the craving muds.
I saw the ripples of water on my bare feet.
It tickled me until I fell on the flower-buds.

The birds chirped songs to swing my mood
I took a bath in the sparkling golden lake.
And rainbow dressed me up in seven splendid shades
I was pampered like a queen, nothing fake.

The gorgeous parade of butterflies
Along the sapphire-studded turquoise river
Appealed and charmed my awestruck eyes.
It gave me goosebumps, made me shiver.

The bright green grass made me high.
Those leaves covered me when I felt cold
The snow-clad hills revealed the hidden rocks
That blushed in hues of violet, red and gold.

I didn't know where this was heading.
Was this just attraction or real love; my mind would think
I was getting too involved in the shiny stars
I gazed into those little diamonds without a blink

I realised the inner peace within me
I conquered the ultimate happiness
I felt blessed, I was in heaven indeed.
Nature was passionate, caring and selfless.

A kingdom that leaves you more than satisfied
Where the vibes are positive and so are you
A dream that makes you cry out of joy.
That's Ladakh customized specially for you.

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