Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

"The Green Maze" is what i call it.
A design created by me on photoshop, its something so abstract and vague, that writing about it would be unnecessary and vague too! Hehe!

All i know is that, its green because it feels like a plant with its branches growing and coming out. Or, it seems to be like a jumbled up path with various outlets!

Oh Damn, what the hell am i talking?

Plz let the design do the talking instead, and u can come up with any (or no) meaning for ;)


Poonam said...

i think its a very fancy abstract modernised pic depicting the mosquitoes/kitaanu/jeev jantu/ etc which survive in the toiletssss!

so yeh.... harpic or bagon ppl can fight for it n buy this pic n use it in their ads in future .....may b sometime in the year 2050!!!! :P

curry said...

hahahaha!! PS2!! u talking like an ad-person..!!

i think u shud re-consider ur career doc ;)
i am sure u'll rock in advertising too! :D

Robin Komal Chhabra said...

its a green witch...ohh god..shes staring at me like anything..