Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

I am Happy...
As it rained today after 20 odd days!
Not only because i like rains,
but coz Mumbai badly needs to get drenched,
to quench the thirst of its overpopulated family!

I am Happy...
As I had absolutely no work in office,
In the name of RnD, i have surfed the net all day,
In the name of a "break" i have played games,
In the name of self study, i have simply sketched!

I am Happy...
As i could leave from office early!
I could get wet in the beautiful rains,
Could hop through the dirty puddles,
Could reach home early and chill!

I am Happy...
Coz i spent superb time with "myself"
The "space" u need sometimes, only for yourself,
The time u want to be alone, doing nothing,
The time u just wanna stare at the sky,
The time u wanna gaze at the mirror for long!

I am Happy...
Coz i cracked a few jokes and spread the humor
And people actually laughed at those!
Their smiles made me smile...
Their stress got a bit busted, and so did mine!

I am Happy...
Since i listened to my favorite numbers!
And while i did so, i whistled and clapped...
From Kishore da to coldplay, from rehman to green day
I heard them all, enjoyed them all, hummed them all!

I am Happy...
As i was really so happy!
One of the very rare days, when,
I didn't crib or got frustrated
How many days go like that?
There's some or the other problem everyday!
And if there isn't, we create them
Simply because, man is never satisfied.
Wants everything. And when he gets everything, he doesn't realize it!
Still wants more. The want may be superficial.
The want may be unwanted, the want may be illogical.
But still he wants, wants and wants!

But I am Happy...
Coz i got what i wanted!
From rains to a stress-free day,
I had it all!
Not just that, but i also updated my blog!
Not just the blog, but I also read a book!
Not just the book, but I also cooked a bit!
Not just the food, but I also had sketched!
Dude! Am i the ultimate multitasker??
Oh yes i am..sure i am! And so I am happy.

I am Happy...
Because you read my blog.
Oh i am so lucky,
and indeed very happy.
More happy coz i cud stay happy the whole day
Yippieeee! I am happy ..oh so Happy!


Rach said...

Oye... meri shaayar dost! :O

am amazed, u started a blog and all! Nice look, and nice topics in here!

expect miore posts soon, and me as usual... jobless enough to maarofy comments :P


curry said...

Ya! Isi bahaane kuch likhna start karungi!

Always wanted to create a blog, but plz DO NOT expect beautiful write-ups from me...i am more into informal writing ;)

hope i keep updating it...

rodlie said...

Hey.. im happy that you are soooo happpyyyy.. now lets see if u can make it to the next level... what comes after being happyyy????? haan haan haan? gay it.. i mean Say it.. :)

Anonymous said...

kitna happy happy. but it's nice coz reading this can make anyone happy. i likey this post a lot.

Himika said...

Waah meri jaaannnn...muaaahhhhhh:))))teri Happiness ko najar naa lovin it...happy Karira day v shal strt celebratin soon..hehehhehee..ya n v shal greet each othr wid a HEEHEHEEHEHEHEHHHEEE......:))))

curry said...

:D Thanks Public!! :D