Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

What the @*#$!!%&*#@!

Taw-Pick: Gaa-Lee-zZz

Well, I recently observed something really funny in the train, where 2 college chicks were arguing with a fisher-woman!

It was quite easy for the "machhi wali" to start the abusive conversation, she went on giving all the a-z gaalis fed in her dictionary, while the 2 girls tried their best to over-power her by giving few and power-less, thakela gaalis in English, which did not even carry any potential.
Result: The machhi wali won the war, even though she was wrong as she should have travelled in the luggage compartment. BUT WHO CAN MESS WITH THESE NAVVAARI SAREE CLAD PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY STRONG WOMEN? :D
The college chicks lost, because they didn't have the knack of how they could abuse the woman without even actually using the obvious words, making themselves feel less guilty about their acts.

Here I am, with something I concluded from that war. It's about how people can use alternatives for abusive words. Ever wondered how to abuse a person, you wanna badly give "gaalis" to, without actually offending him/her??

Below are the "vishesh tippanis" folks ;) am sure you all follow some bits of it, unconsciously! :D

*oh FREAK!!! (a better alternative for the "f" word

*oh FISH!!! (another one)

*what the hell!!! (c'mon,i know u want to use the "f" word :P)

*what the F! (even better)

*u r a Bloody Bean!!! (everyone knows what a she-dog means)

*Aye, saale PENCHOR!!! (the lip movements are more than enough here, no need of sound)

*He is such a chu... (yeah right, 3 letters are just fine)

*Shut up, CUSTARD!! (err, we know the B-word here, Sir!)

*BC..MC.. These abbreviations are actually easier to say, and imply less insult to the listener.

*Maa ki Jai ( well, better than specifying the eye!)

*Son of a Beast (lol, like we don't know what beast means here! :P )

Well, somehow I have also seen that it's easier to give English Gaalis like F***, a**hole or bas****, (which are most commonly used) compared to their Hindi counterparts.
Don't know why, but they somehow sound worse in Hindi! English feels less offending.. hehe!!
Please suggest some more if you've heard them, lets add on to this great Knowledge! Let there be light !

ps: Definition of Gaa-Lee-Yaa : “Gaalis” are a good stress buster when someone is annoyed :P


Ashtrash said...

interesting ! I agree english sounds less offensive thats because we r used to hearin that too often . well hindi becomes a bit more personal i guess. good entry.

Aamod Patwardhan said... about "uniting the mother and the sister" a whole new filmy meaning in english ai???
not so in hindi!!! "dash dash ek karna" :D

Rachana said...


true english sounds less offensive, and more so coz we r more than used to the F word now! :P

(am being naive here and restricting my vocab) :P

Amar said...

oh.. I know a couple of them ..
Teri maa ko ch.. udiyaan pehnaun!!
Maa ke .. bete! Behen ke ... bhai!
Teri maa ko .. aunty bolun!

Cannot put more here!

poonamshah said...

sorry no contribution form my side! ( as hav 0 vocab with respect to this)

btw i like your flow of thoughts from the train fight to here in blog.. grt

poonamshah said...

and I LOVED THT PIC! superrrrrr

Midnight Vulture said...

here I go with a few more..

maa ki ... chudiyaan
aaichi gaadi !
abbey prem din (in english)
saale chuhe..
maa darwaaza (maadar waaza)

Look out for more..

curry said...

hahahahaha!! waah waah..have got awesome suggestions from u all...Really funny ones..u guys have real good knowledge bout everything indeed :P
Thankoo public :D