Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

When music comes alive ♪

When music comes alive,

It just keeps flowing
It makes us jive

Whilst a smile keeps showing.

When music comes alive,

Makes an 80 year-old groove,

It lifts us right

It makes us move.

When music comes alive,
We shut our mind

Just get into the mood

Where solace we find.

When music comes alive,
One is never alone

It is so power-packed

The world gets blown.

When music comes alive,
Everything seems in place

It pushes us to survive
And keeps us at ace.

When music comes alive,
It spreads the bright light
The more we hear it

The more we feel alright.

When music comes alive,

It spreads optimistic vibe

Music is the key to unwind

Its spirit hard to describe!


Rachana said...

Ms Poetess!!... am impressed!!... i wish i could hear you tune it too ;)

btw, what's with making your post look like a bubblegum packet? :P

curry said...

haha!! boom boom boomer :D
actually..a good observation :P

the_ego_has_landed said...

"When music comes alive,
One is never alone
It is so power-packed
The world gets blown."

liked this!

nice one :)

Sameer Kulkarni said...

Waah.. Aaj waachli poem :P very kooool... illo pan chaan..

Abhinav said...

that is riveting..

bheeshoom said...

baai saaheb! blog update karaa please!!

Rohan said...

When music comes alive,
It makes the sorrow dive,
Helps us, drink drive, Survive :P j/k
Also makes me chat a pathetic line:P

^^ok i just woke up, hence the pathetic form of a poem as comment but i wanted to comment as i loved the poem !

Super relatable, Music is thing that makes our world go round, inspires, pushes u to do things in life when we are down and makes us forget everything for that durating when the headphones are on

Cheers, Keep writing

curry said...

@ the ego : hey thanks for dropping by :)
@sameer: thanks for finally reading :P
@ rao: shukhriya!
@bheeshoom: yesss...have updated..FINALLY!
@ rohan: gee thaks..not a bad attempt by u too..hehe

well, feels good to see random people dropping by! will visit those blogs soon :)

Gowri said...

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