Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!


Like I Care !

How does it matter if a guy wears pink?

How can u term someone ^pervert^ by a mere wink!

Why can’t a guy have long undone hair?

Or an un-waxed girl who looks like a bear.

Who made this word ‘etiquette’ so mandate?

Why can’t I laze around n start my day late?

Like I care if I don’t have matching shoes

Why the heck should I follow the don’ts n do’s?

I like to make noise while eating

I like to snore aloud while sleeping

I like disturbing the whole world with my sneeze

But hate to apologize later with an excuse-me please!

Why can’t I just be myself?

Why can’t I have an unorganized shelf?

Why can’t I keep hogging without getting fat?

Why do I need to be as clean-freak as a cat?

Why do all decide what’s good for me, but me?

Why can’t I simply take a break from the outer-me?

Why do I need to fake drink in front of my boss?

Why the hell should I always worry about job-loss?

Why can’t I be poor?

What’s the need to always lure?

How can others predict my future?

While claiming me as immature!

Heck I care, who was with my neighbour last night!

Heck I care why the dumb celebrities fight!

Why exaggerate everything as Breaking News?

Why grab attention like a bursting fuse?

I repeat, it doesn’t matter to me if I fail

To forward those forwarded emails

I know what’s more important in life,

So please don’t act as a cynical blunt knife...

Because I really don’t care

Nor do I need a proof to dare

Something stupid just to impress you all

Like I care if I you see me fall!


Arnab said...

awsome! u rock as ever :P

curry said...

oye!! thankoo thankoo!! :D

Midnight Vulture said...

je batt !!! sahi likha hai !!!

Amar said...

great use of font colors

Rachana said...

gooooooooooooooooooooood one!! :D

very u!

curry said...

@ amar: Hey, cool observation!! It was fun playing with the font colours :D

@Midnight vulture: shukhriya ;)

@rach: yayyyyyyy!! i am glad u liked it.. i always wait for your genuine comments!!! :D (ur my secret mentor :P)

Anonymous said...


Purple Hope said...


CRD said...
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CRD said...

So what if your poem ain't classy or swell..
It still is a Masterpiece! Hey what is that smell?

Oh! Its curry! :P


Do visit my blog sometime

-V- said...

rocking... love it.. [:-D

curry said...

gee thanksss everyone :D

Ashwini said...

Damn good insightful stuff.. even i sumtimes wonder the same things...ASH

Werner said...


curry said...

Werner.. think you!

storyteller said...

Curry... ekdum jhakaas... ;) now give me some mutton curry :P