Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

~ Flush it i say !


SheepStop said...

Hi Curry,

We are a startup based out of Pune, operating on a crowd sourcing model and bringing to the market 100% organic cotton t-shirts under the brand, SheepStop .
SheepStop brand will complete its 1st year in the next month and already has a community base of 2000 odd registered members, 500 odd fans on social media and collection of 50 + designer tees sold across the world.

We were stumped by your designs (whatever little we have seen) put up here.

Currently there are multiple contests going on at SheepStop for t-shirt designing and have cool rewards worth Rs.10,000 ++
1. Fulltoo Foodie sponsored by tasty khana
2. SheepStop Mascot Design contest
3. SheepStop Evergreen Contest with no specific theme

We invite you to present some cool designs at these SheepStop contests.

For more details visit

Bhagyashri Dixit
Founder, SheepStop

curry said...

@SheepStop: Hey, i'll get back to u soon :)
Thanks for those kind words !