Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

Its that time of the year...

When we look back at what happened the whole year.

When we try analyzing what went wrong.

When we smile thinking at the funny and pleasant moments we spent with others.

When we get amazed at how quickly the year went.

When we decide to make some changes in our daily routine.

When we regret few steps and revive some moments.

When we plan for some resolutions (which won't be followed for more than a week).

When we think of how we could settle down in life.

When we set some targets to be achieved exactly in the next 365 days.

When we celebrate the remaining last few days with our favourite ones, family and friends.

When we certainly wouldn't want to be alone, but if we are, it's a good time to spend some 'ME' moments.

When we want to party, have some chilled beer, step up and move our feet.

When we feel the good vibes are flowing around.

When we experience a sudden optimistic vision in our minds & hearts. 

When we want to smile, feel happy and wish it remains like this the entire coming year or rather the whole life!

All Smiles To 2011 :)

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