Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

☉ ~ Clicketey Click ~ ☉

My First ever experiment to grab few moments, few monuments, few memories in a serious way. My best friend's wedding was the reason for my much deserved break to Udaipur. 
Loved those 4 days of naach-gaana-khaana-peena-band-baja-foto-shoto-shopping-vopping-travelling and most importantly relaxing~

It was my friend Nikhil's camera (Nikon D100) and totally loved the experience.
Here are few pictures  of my rookie experiment. Well, few of them are out of focus, few could be just unnecessary too! Pardon my shaky hands and no knowledge about photography. Locations are : Mumbai (home) , Ahmedabad (Adalaj Steps) & Lots of Udaipur.

So presenting my clicketey time. Oh and now I have to rhyme. 
A photo is a memory to cherish. As these moments from mind won't perish!
Irshaad..Irshaad :D


Sameer Kulkarni said...

:O:O:O :@ :| hm k

bheeshoom said...

bang on Clickety!
welcome to the jungle! :D

lijodavis said...

Mast!!! :D

curry said...

@shammi :@ :@ :@ k
@bheeshoom: admission milel ka tumchya photography shaalet??
@lijo : thankuuuu :D

gandhi said...

yayy!! mast pics! waise yeh tera best friend kaun hai...kaafi dude lag raha hai ;)

curry said...

@gandhi: hai re mera ek friend. Milvau kya? :P