Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

Turning 25 !

So what's the big deal about BEING 25 anyway? 

FYI; Been there done that
I am 25 after all, woohoo howzzat?
Enjoyed childhood, a lil rascal indeed
Had ample of time, 24x7 fun I would breed.

School was not just to pass but score
Even after great marks I would want some more.
Every other friend was almost a best buddy
Would play for hours in the sun, get wet and muddy.

Few cute crushes grew as time passed by
In front of the 'Boys' would feel too shy.
Sometimes those cute boys smiled and winked
Had reached puberty, so no gossip I missed or blinked.

A gang of girls, we laughed n discussed everything
Anyone's PMS meant praying for her well-being.
From love to exams, life was such a big deal
A secret meant a serious pact, our mouths would seal.

Wanted to grow old as adult life seemed too cool
But while stepping into junior college I felt like a fool.
With too many happening people around
Very few friends in common I found.

Most of them were wannabes of the first order
Trying to look good was a common mental disorder.
It didn't matter to them how much one spoke
As long as the so-called friend wasn't broke.

Bunking classes was the ultimate achievement
Talking ill about teachers was the greatest entertainment.
College was only to pass, not score
And every lecture seemed, o' such a bore!

Boys became Guys, Teachers become Profs
Periods became Lectures and Geeks became Dwarfs.
But life found a goal and I became serious finally
By 12th I was back in my senses; had to happen eventually.

Hard work paid off and I entered a new zone
A kick-ass art college with creativity as it's backbone.
I don't think I can ever thank enough
To have lived that life, which never seemed tough.

Everyone was nice, hilarious, arty and adorable
My life was never so better and this comfortable.
Learnt more outside the library sipping chai
Wada Pav was the staple diet, I wonder why?!

Infinite wasting of time every single day
4 years of utter time-pass, I would say.
Each moment was worth it, I still cherish it
But job life changed the scene and I had to live with it.

Working life was totally different and new
Every single day demanded to prove a few.
Ideas, Art, Awards they needed it all
But in that cat race I would often fall.

A crying shoulder is what I wanted the most now
A perfect companion I found in my friend and how.
We spent good times yapping for hours
Life was happy chirpy and smelled like fresh flowers.

Suddenly felt like spring, it was blossom
The term called 'life' indeed was superb and awesome.
Everything seemed perfect like a mannequin in the store
I would often thank God, didn't ask for anything more.

Found a better job too so now life was great
Nothing bad could happen now to my fate.
But as you know destiny plays an important role
And a few dreams shattered which ruined my goal.

It took time for me to rise up again
Shocked & disappointed, my heart was in pain.
Life surely plays the biggest testing games
And thus I had to eradicate a few names.

But that didn't weaken me too much
Fighting back strongly is my nature as such.
I gave time to myself and that helped me come out
From a disaster that made me stronger, no doubt.

Back to normalcy in a few weeks time
Back to my nasty, naughty, the funny one in crime
A better wiser person I have sure become
Waiting for something awesome to strike, interesting ones welcome!

Have diverted my mind into office with dedication
As working hard I found to be the medication.
As pockets fill up, my smile gets bigger
And I love to see the increasing bank account figure.

Obviously I love my life and I love myself yo!
Being 25 couldn't get any better, so many more to go.
While friends are busy getting married or hooked
I have a date with myself, an awesome dream has been booked ;)


VP said...

Super Like!!!

Raghavendra said...

like like like:)

seems more like your advertising for kotak mahindra group

Sameer Kulkarni said...


curry said...

@ragu: hahahha!! its gud 2b 25 :D
@VP : Super thanks!
@shammi: ........................ :)

Rach said...

you just insulted me in this poem... super dislike!! :P

curry said...

@rach: hahaha! How? :P

curry said...

oh ya! just realised :D :D :D