Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!


Finally, the first set of photos of my trip to Brunei & Malaysia are out. I was amazed when I spotted that this basic source of light called 'lamp' were so beautifully designed . Whether a street lamp, or the interior decorating ones, they had a peculiar intricate carving style, yet all the lamps look different! It was an enthralling experience observing these lamps. People actually must have thought I was crazy as I would just abruptly get off the car and randomly start clicking these street wonders. 

Clicked with a normal Sony DigiCam, the pictures may not have the SLR depth, so my fellow photographer friends, kindly adjust. 

PS: The ones which have a golden body, are actually Gold-Plated. Not Kidding! Sultan of Brunei as everyone knows is the richest man and this was certainly visible in the country.


greycellsinxs said...

ooo love the teapot one. super cool n a different perspective at looking at a country.

well done :)


saarangaa said...

Photola dilele effect jast avdle :D :P

Abhilash Krishnan said...

Nice observation n great title for the post!

curry said...

@Jo: yay, you liked :D It was called the 'Tea-Pot-junction'

Thank you Jo :)

@sarang: Hehe, chala, kaahitari awadla na ;)

@blah: Thankoosh!

abhijitkalan said...

superb lamps

Nishant said...

Heard of bird watching... but never bout light watching!!

Beautiful ones re!