Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!


You are there somewhere, aiming high
I am here, trying to fly
We walk, run and take a thousand leaps
To achieve those never-seen-before dreams

Two people, two parallel lives, unknown destinations
That's us, trying to make each day meaningful
We are strangers, yet insanely waiting for each other
Just as a cuckoo calls out for rains; in that voice so beautiful

On the way to this search, if I fall, I get up again
Walk till I see a dead end
But there is a path beyond that end
Which is unforeseen and filled with a mystery

I want to unveil that treasure with you
Few moments of surprises and adventure
Without a frown or any doubt in mind or heart,
There should be a beginning of a new venture

At times words are inadequate
To share the moments of joys
That's when eyes come in the picture
And say it all, without saying 

But distance does us apart
Can't see those pretty eyes yet
Though this unknown journey is interesting
I want this search to cease, I want our lives to set.


oddballads said...

Two lives on a parallel road, often meet at lifes own junction. while impatience beckons your heart to falter, hope shall make it function.

Aditya Shukla said...

Some unknown treasures are much talked about but never seen by anyone..... Its just the patience, the effort, the desire and the first step that takes you towards them. Wonderful thoughts . . great going . .:)

curry said...

@oddballads Ahan...Interesting! Do I see another poet in the making?
Thanks for dropping by here. Its great to have new visitors :)

curry said...

@Aditya I am glad that people are reading my stuff. That itself is so encouraging! Thanks for those wise words. I was very amazed when I saw you were following the blog. Felt nice :)

Aditya Shukla said...

Cheers :)

H3SP3R said...
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H3SP3R said...

@Curry.. Well yes another poet in the making..
Quite an interesting blog I must say..
Please do scribe your comments on my shadow as well..

Sameer Kulkarni said...

x-( x-( x-( x-(