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THE DOODLERS - Calendar 2012

"A pencil for them is what a twig is to a bird
A piece of paper is what gold is to a goldsmith
Be it random, meaningful or abstract
They doodle what they feel like
And this common love for scribbling on anything blank
Helped them create a trio called 'The Doodlers'.
That's the thick-framed-spectacled team of 
Abhijit, Neha & Sameer
Who love eating everything and laughing on anything."

It gives me and my other two close buddies immense pleasure to announce our first attempt on print as a team.
That's us, THE DOODLERS, who have come up a collaborative doodles + illustrations based calendar for 2012. Because New Year is here and we want it to be colourful, abstract, unplanned, random, chirpy, adventurous and interesting all throughout the year.
Cheers to 2012, Cheers to THE DOODLERS.

Here's THE DOODLERS' official FB page, where you can also buy these prints: Click. Buy. Enjoy.

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