Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

BRUNEI STORIES: PART 2 (Sunsets and Me)


When the day decides to rest and relax
When the sun goes down to hug the sea
When the sand magically turns into gold
When the twilight sky wishes hello to the clouds
When the moon peeps out to begin it's journey
When the wind plays and races with the kids
When the blues become purple, the yellows become scarlet
When horizon shows its endless colour palette
When the birds go back home for supper
When my eyes meet nature and my smile doesn't cease
I feel content, I feel blessed; this is all created just for me 
To the sea I belong, I crave to be there for long. ☼  ☼  ☼ 

This Beach was at Panaga, Brunei Darussalam. Since it was a few kilometers away from where I stayed, I would cycle to the beach almost everyday. It was a really long stretch and was mostly very windy, making it a good weather to cycle. The beach had only a few visitors, mostly parents with kids, joggers (people are way too fitness concious abroad) and a few cyclists. May I call myself one of them? I guess I can.

After the Jee Juan coffee, I would rush to this place since I love sunsets. And this place had a peculiarity. Believe me or not, every single day, the sky had a different hue. And the colour difference was drastic. One day, the sky would be red, the very next day it would be ocean blue. At times it would have all the colours of a rainbow and sometimes, it would be simply plain dull gray.
Looked pure magical. Extremely picturesque and peaceful. 

Yes people, a walk at this beach - Highly Recommended. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★