Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

BRUNEI / MALAYSIA STORIES: PART 3 (Street Art, Kuala Lumpur)

Art is Abstract. Art is an Expression. Art knows no language. Art comes from within. Art is what you see. Art is what you don't see. Art is how you see it. Art is Everywhere.

While waiting for the train at Platform No.1 to Ke Arah, Kuala Lumpur, my eyes suddenly spotted something artistically beautiful. Just on the opposite side, the whole wall across the platform was painted with amazing graffiti art. I was stunned to see the extreme detailed art and so many meanings hidden behind each painting. Awesome rendering, vibrant colours, beautiful typography. Glad that I was able to see this amazing talent that people in Malaysia had. It was simply wow!

It seemed like a wall art project where many graffiti artists had participated. Every painting was different, every art had a different style and approach. I was truly mesmerised. Wish I could take few more pictures, but the wall was too far-stretched and couldn't capture all the paintings, as it was connected to a railway track, so couldn't go too further. Do watch the compiled video.

Yes people, keep your eyes open while walking on the streets of KL, Malaysia. Highly Recommended. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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