Ailaaa! आप तो यहाँ सचमुच आ गए!

Yellow Birdie

Look Ma, I think I saw a Yellow Birdie there.
So pretty, so yellow, so tiny, so cute.
I have decided to call him 'Lemon Dsouza'.
Can you please ask him to come near me?

So I can feed him some grains or berries.
 Or I could rush to the market and get something else.
Whatever he likes. Whatever he wants.
Will he sit on my palm while I pamper him?

I want to touch his feathers and caress him.
I want to play hide and seek with him.
 Will he teach me how to fly?
I will teach him how to ride a cycle.

I will take him around on my cycle.
I will show him my world. My beautiful house.
The buildings, roads, traffic, market & malls.
But what if he has seen it before?

If he lives on this tree where I spotted him,
Then he sure must be a city boy.
So does he like it here, just like I do?
Doesn't he miss the forest, far far away? 

Do we bother him and his friends too much?
Is there enough space for them to live?
Why are they cutting down the trees?
Won't Lemon get homeless then?

Ma, are we doing any good to them?
If yes, then why are they not seen as often?
I want more such birds around me.
Not just yellow, but blue, white and red too.

Am I asking for too much? 
I wish that he visits me more often.
So I can make him my best friend.
The yellow birdie, so very sweet.


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Namrata Sawant said...

:))) as sweet as u !! Mwaahssss :)

Namrata Sawant said...

:))) as sweet as u !! Mwaahssss :)