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To-Do List Vs Bucket List

One is made during day. 
The other during dreams.
One talks about do's and don'ts. 
The other about will and hopes.
The bigger the to-do list, 
the smaller becomes your bucket list.
The more boxes you check on one list, 
the emptier you leave the other list.

Bucket lists are born on Fridays. 

To-Do lists are mourned on Mondays.
One always seems possible to be achieved. 
The other surprisingly surpasses it.
While one uses post-its to jot down points, 
the other uses diaries to pen down thoughts.
One describes about what you have to do. 
The other about what you really want to do.

To-do lists are tasks; shared with anyone. 

Buckets lists are intra-personal goals; shared with none.
The difference in experiencing the execution of these lists is similar
to the difference between orgasm and climax.
While one leaves you relieved and happy, 
the other leaves you emotional and complete.

You live only once, they all say. 

You want to live it well, your mind says.
You want to do it all, your heart says. 
You can't do everything, you finally say.
While a to-do list doesn't really have a say,  
the bucket-list will never cease to say. 
It's okay to skip a to-do list once a while.
But never forget to make a bucket list, I would say.

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Dreamer said...

Brilliant...loved it....gonna make my bucket list larger than life :)
Well written!